Remind Insoles Travel Up the West Coast

California Dreamin’

California is a large state. Specifically, it’s a tall state. You can drive from the southern end of the Golden State to the northern end and it’s probably going to take you a couple days at the very least, unless you drive all through the night. Of course, that means you can have a fun road trip without having to even leave California, and that’s what Remind Insoles did. Their team took the trip from San Diego up to San Francisco, a fun little jaunt up the West Coast. Naturally, they stopped here and there along the way, as California is filled with iconic skateboarding spots. Plus, for skaters in California, what better city to end in than San Francisco? Chico Brenes, Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, and more members of the Remind Insoles team had quite the journey along the Pacific Ocean. Check out the fruits of their road trip in the video above.

Don’t overlook insoles as part of your skateboarding apparel. Remind could be keeping your feet comfier than even when you’re on your board.

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