Red Bull Spends a Day Off with Lucas Rabelo

He’s chilling out in his adopted hometown

If skateboarding is your job, what do you do in your downtime? It’s nice to decompress and see friends and loved ones, sure. Maybe you finally watch Ted Lasso and see what that’s all about. Or maybe you still skate, because skating is probably at the top of your list of loves. Red Bull’s Field Day video series is about what professional skateboarders do when they aren’t competing or filming. Well, except for the fact that by appearing in an episode of Field Day you are filming. Anyway, the point is that in the latest episode of the series Red Bull hangs out with Lucas Rabelo. Rabelo is from Brazil, but he now makes his home in Long Beach, California. The skater is the newest member of the Red Bull team, so Red Bull decides to get to know him better. You can get to know Rabelo better too by watching the video above.

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