People Magazine Profiles Brandon Turner

His dedication to sobriety and helping others gets him some love

Brandon Turner briefly became the talk of the skateboarding world in 2020 when he headed to the Wallenberg Big 4 in San Francisco and landed a switch hardflip that blew people’s minds. Naturally, skateboarding aficionados were in on him. That being said, we never expected to be saying that People magazine would be profiling Turner. Yes, the same magazine that does the whole “Sexiest Man Alive” thing. That People magazine. Why are they interested in Turner? It has less to do with his prodigious skills as it does his generous spirit. Turner is currently working as the Activities Director at Healthy Life Recovery, a rehabilitation center in San Diego. Basically, Turner is helping those who are trying to get clean and to stay clean on their journey. Big tricks are all well and good, but Turner is really making a difference. Check out his profile in People right here.

OK, so normally it would feel a bit crass to throw in a plug for the Dose merch shop on an article like this, but since we are talking about a profile in the very-commercial People magazine, a quick plug is fine, right?

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