Paul Rodriguez Shares Vintage Raw Footage of ‘Forecast’

Let’s hop in the time machine!

Paul Rodriguez is a skater that needs no introduction. He’s been around for decades delivering some of the best parts and most-memorable tricks out there. Of course, when you have a catalog of performances that impressive, it’s understandable you might want to share a blast from the past every now and again, especially since none of us are getting any younger. On his YouTube channel, Rodriguez decided to drop some footage from when he was shooting his famed Forecast part.


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These raw clips hearken back to the 2000s, when skateboarding vids were first getting shared on the internet. Rodriguez gave us some raw clips from his filming, which back in the say was naturally done on a VX camera. The filmer was noted skateboarding documenter “Scuba Steve,” a nickname that also feels like a real throwback. Remember when Big Daddy references were a thing? Even if you don’t, we bet you’ll dig seeing Rodriguez’s footage. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


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