Pass~Port Just Dropped a Bunch of Kitsch On Us

Sit back, relax, and kick off your weekend in style

Pass~Port went all out when it released the full-length video Kitsch last year. You could get it in a boxset with gold lettering and a silk scarf. Then they dropped it to stream in March, which had less panache but was more attainable. Guess what? There’s more Kitsch still waiting for you. Pass~Port dropped a video today brimming with extra footage that didn’t make the full-length video. It’s a real hefty portion, like your one friend who piles up the plates at a buffet (remember when buffets were a thing?). This time, though, it’s skating goodness.

There are more skaters in Kitsch than we could possibly name. Well, we could do it, but then we’d just be sitting here rattling off like 20 names. Let’s just say that it’s obvious why they were able to have so much worthwhile extra footage even after releasing a full-length. Hey, it’s Friday. Maybe you can take a little time at the end of your workday to watch the video to get you ready for your weekend. Unless you’re, like, a safety inspector at a construction site or something. Then you should probably keep your eye on the ball and then watch this video a little later.

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