OJ Wheels Squeezes Every Drop Out of the Bay Area

Some juicy moves are coming your way

Last week we wrote about Elijah Akerley taking on the San Francisco area for OJ Wheels. The wheel company called it their “fastest” session ever. Well apparently Akerley wasn’t the only OJ skater in the Bay Area. It was all just part of a larger adventure for the brand. That’s all evident in their new video OJs in the Bay. It’s right there in the title. OJ Wheels’ crew took over the Bay Area, one of the havens for skaters the world over. Akerley pops back up in this video, naturally, but so do Ryan Thompson, Joe Milazzo, Kasci Wolf, and several more skaters. It took a half-dozen filmers to capture all the action in OJs in the Bay. Pour yourself a glass of juice and enjoy the video right here. Be careful, though. Some of these tricks are so good they might make you spit take.

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