Nora Vasconcellos Talks Krux Trucks with…Krux Trucks

Like, actually trucks. It makes sense when you see it

Isn’t it nice to sit by a pool and talk skating with a friend? It sure is, even when that friend is a skateboard. Let us explain. Nora Vasconcellos is a skater for Krux, and she’s a fan of their K5 trucks. The K5 is new and improved, and features stronger axles among other things. Apparently, K5 trucks have more to offer than just their physical traits. In Nora Takes a New Turn from Krux, Vasconcellos chills by the pool and has a little heart-to-heart with her trucks. Hey, it’s always good to have a confidante, especially one that you can ride on as well. You can watch Nora and her K5 trucks hanging out right here.

If you are interested in the K5, or other Krux products, you can get them on their website right now.

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