Get a Close, Detailed Look at the Nike SB x Powerpuff Girls “Blossom”

Expect a drop in December

Throughout the year, we’ve gotten dribs and drabs about a collab between Nike SB and the Powerpuff Girls, the well-known Cartoon Network show about preteen girls who are superheroes. There are expected to be, according to the plans we’ve heard, a silhouette for all three of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They all have distinct color palettes, so it makes sense. The only one we have seen at all, though is the “Blossom,” and now we have gotten a close look at it.



An Instagram user (who has been pointed to by Hypebeast, a legit a source as any in the shoe world) has posted a series of photos of Nike SB’s “Blossom.” Blossom is the “pink” Powerpuff Girl, so the shoe is heavy in pink, with orange swooshes and details. There are some Powerpuff Girls iconography in the mix. All in all, we like the look of the shoe…save for Blossom’s eyes being on the back heels. That…looks a little iffy. Maybe you’ll like it better. All in all, a nice colorway. 

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