Nike SB Chronicles Four Female Skaters in Japan

Japan’s big year continues

In the end, 2021 will likely be considered the Year of Japan when he comes to skateboarding. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, which saw skateboarding debut as a sport. On top of that, Japan was taking home medals left and right on both the men and women’s side of things. Of course, when the Olympics picked up stakes and moved on skateboarding didn’t go anywhere. Nike SB has put together a new video called Japan Diary, and it’s focused on four female skaters who call Tokyo home. The women in question are Ari Marie Angeles, Azusa Adachi, Sara Hirayama, and Rio Maehata. All four of them bring not just skills but unique perspectives on skateboarding. There is more going on in the Japanese skate scene than we could ever cover, but this video is a good way to check in.

2021 was the year of skateboarding at the Olympics, but it was also the year Dose debuted its merch shop.

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