You’ll be able to see the movie streaming in the near future (region permitting)

You’ll be able to see the movie streaming in the near future (region permitting)

India is a nation of over a billion people, but it isn’t known for skateboarding. Cricket? You bet! Slumdog millionaires? We can think of at least one. However, skateboarding is not entirely foreign to the country. In fact, there is a film about skateboarding in India that is going to be available for us to view soon. Netflix has announced that it has acquired the rights to Manjari Makijany’s movie Desert Dolphin, bringing it to our homes in the near future.

The film, which is a work of fiction, tells the story of Prarna, played by Rachel Saanjita Gupta. She’s a girl from rural India who takes up skateboarding and dreams of competing in a national contest. It’s your classic underdog sports story, but in the new milieu of skateboarding in India. The Netflix release calls it a coming-of-age family film, so we expect it to deliver some warm feelings if it’s done well. We don’t have a trailer to drop on you just yet, but you can check out this video, which shows them building the actual Desert Dolphin Skatepark for the movie. It’s one of the biggest skateparks in India and is currently free for skaters to use. Talk about a feel-good story, and this one isn’t even scripted.

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