Nassim Lachhab Joins the Reell Jeans Team

Fortunately there is a video to go with the announcement

Nassim Lachhab has only been a professional skateboarder since September, when he signed up with the Blind Skateboards team. Since then, the Moroccan skater has been on an upswing. He’s got another sponsor now, as Lachhab is part of the Reell Jeans team now. If you aren’t familiar, Reell Jeans is an apparel company that was founded by two skaters in 1997. Evert Jan de Looze and Ben Klaasen started with shops in Germany and the Netherlands, and now they have a global outlook. That includes sponsoring a skater from Northern Africa, evidently. The best thing about announcements like this is that they are often paired with videos, and this one is no different. Want to see Lachhab’s introduction as a member of the Reell Jeans team? You’re in luck, because you can do just that right here. Congrats, Nassim!

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