My Experience Smoking CBD Weed

Anxiety reduction and mellow highs...

Spring is finally here and we’re starting to be blessed with blue skies and sunshine. The season of bunning is upon us. But what if you have crippling anxiety or are wanting to kick your money-eating weed habit?

CBD weed for me was the perfect answer. I used to smoke daily growing up but at some point it just wasn’t the same as it used to be, I never suffered paranoia but I definitely thought way too much. I’d sometimes smoke a zoot with friends and completely retreat into myself and realise I’d not been part of the conversation for a good 10 minutes. That’s not to say that I wasn’t having a good time in my own world but I definitely wasn’t in the present moment. 

I stopped smoking for a long time, 3 or 4 years until I slowly introduced very weak strains back in, I’ve still never smoked the way I did before and nowadays an eighth lasts me 10x longer than it used to but it is nice every now and then to have a joint in the sunshine that doesn’t come with all the psychoactive effects. CBD weed still gives you a body high and it can get you feeling wavey but it’s far more mild than even the weaker strains of street-sold weed. It does contain THC but the legal CBD flowers contain something like 0.5% so you’re sure to be feeling connected to your surroundings at all times. Discovering CBD weed was a pleasant surprise for me and with it being high in demand, there’s an array of CBD shops popping up all over. Some Spätis in Berlin even sell it behind the counter. 

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this experience and I was lucky enough to be blessed with a friend’s home-grown source of CBD weed which had a little more THC than the shop bought CBD strains but with such a weak strain, you have a lot more control over your high and even if you smoke a bit too much, you’re guaranteed to barely suffer any psychoactive effects the way you would with a skunk blunt!

I’ll admit that smoking CBD is not the best way to consume it. I personally smoke probably once a month so it really isn’t something I rely on, and I don’t see an issue with it every now and again, however, I wouldn’t suggest it become something you do on a regular basis - it’s the same with anything; you need moderation. It’s a fact that smoking harms your lungs and is known to cause cancer so always listen to your body and don’t overdo it!

Other, more effective methods to consume it include CBD oil which can be dropped onto the tongue, CBD lollipops, shower gel and shampoo, CBD vape juice and capsules which you take like vitamins to name just a few.

However, if you’re a smoker with a hard habit, wanting to wean yourself off, or just move to something lighter, CBD flowers are definitely a good way to go. The main benefits recorded from the use of CBD include, relief from stress, anxiety and depression, enhanced mental focus, relief from chronic pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, improves sleep and relieves insomnia, helps to treat acne and psoriasis, reduces nausea and vomiting and it is also known to aid addiction recovery by reducing withdrawal symptoms. 

I use 1000mg CBD oil drops on a more regular basis which is just absorbed on the tongue and there are many different strengths you can get your hands on. With this I think it’s all about finding what works for you and how you can cultivate the benefits of this amazing plant!


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