There’s a Moose on the Loose in NYC!

Mustafa “Moose” Abrams, that is

Don’t say that Dose never does anything for you. This has been a big week for us dropping new videos on you. We had one new Dose part on Monday, and we have another one today. This time we’re headed to the Big Apple for a skating trip through New York City. Well, not all of New York City. Do you realize how hard it would be to skate the entirety of NYC? You’d have to get to Staten Island!

At the center of the video is Mustafa Abrams, known as “Moose” to some. The Moose was loosed on New York to show up the goods, and they were indeed good. For the video, shot by NYC skating institution Extra Crispy, Moose hit up the famed Washington Square Park as well as Tompkins Square Park. It’s a skating adventure through the Lower East Side and the East Village. People may think of the West Coast when it comes to the advent of modern skateboarding, but clearly there’s plenty going on in the East as well. And apparently the Lowest East too. Thanks to Abrams, and Extra Crispy, for taking a bite out the Big Apple and letting us come along for the ride. Give the video a watch right now!

Photography: Extracrispy NYC for Dose Skateboarding

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