Matt Miller Talks Life After Skating

It seems like his new passion is working out just fine

Matt Miller spent many years as a pro skater, and it was a fine life. However, not everybody wants to skate for the rest of their life, at least professionally. Miller is one of those people. Recently, and memorably, Miller retired from skating to try his hand at a new career. Now, Miller is working in real estate, and he talked about it recently with Richie Valdez for his The Other Side documentary show.

Usually, we’re talking about skate videos and skate sites, but The Other Side is something altogether different. The show talks to professionals in a transitional period of their life and Miller is certainly that. So far, Miller is apparently loving the real estate game. In fact, he even says, “Real estate is my skating now.” To some of us, that seems inexplicable. How can selling houses give you the same satisfaction and thrill as skating? Apparently, it works for Miller, who seems to be thriving. Like he said, skating and real estate aren’t all that different. You have to go through a lot of failure to get to that success. Check out Miller on The Other Side above. His story is quite an interesting one.

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