Mason Silva Puts Together a Quick Video for Real Skateboards

But he packs a lot of punch into his short part

Mason Silva is seemingly everywhere. That, or he is filming every single skating session he has. In spite of the complications around filming in 2020, Silva has been putting videos together for seeming every one of his sponsors. In fact, just three months ago he put out a video for Nike SB. This time, he’s got a new part out, and it comes to us from Real Skateboards.

Real calls it a “short” part, and it is indeed just a little over two minutes. However, think of how many great songs are two minutes or shorter. You think you can’t have a great skate video that short? Think again! Plus, Silva is notoriously one of the fastest moving skaters out there. He can do more in two minutes than most skaters can do in five. If you have only a little time, this new video from Real could be perfect for you. We don’t want to waste any more time if you are in a hurry. Check the video from Silva out above.

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