Mario Realgeno Takes Us Through Downtown LA

It’s a lesson in skating during a pandemic in a major city

This has been, needless to say, a strange year for skaters. That goes double for the skaters based in major American cities. Mario Realegeno can relate to that. The Los Angeles skater has had to deal with figuring out how to skateboard during a global pandemic that hit population centres like LA quite hard. Fortunately, skaters tend to be adaptable. They also tend to be pretty fun to spend time with, which is why we are happy to bring you a new video from Dose where Realgeno shows us a little bit about skating during a pandemic.

For the video, Realegeno took us on a trip through Downtown Los Angeles. Not all that long ago, Downtown LA was not exactly known as a destination for, well, much of anything. Now, though, it’s on the rise, and there are plenty of skate spots to hit up in the area. Well, as long as you are being careful. Again, there is a pandemic going on, and skaters know all too well they aren’t invincible. Anybody who has taken a nasty spill on a board is quite clear on this fact. You can check out our video with Realegeno over on the Dose YouTube page. Thanks to Mario for the tour, and you can watch his handiwork right here.

Video shot & edited by Michael Bell

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