Maurio McCoy Talks About His “Flamingo” Board Design

There’s more to the board than just a cool look

Santa Cruz likes to sit down with skaters on their team and talk about their board setups. That’s ostensibly what this Maurio McCoy video is about. When he isn’t teaching people to ollie or kickflip, he’s wowing with tricks a bit more impressive than that. In this video, McCoy is talking about some of the details of his setup. However, the real interesting part of the video is McCoy’s signature “Flamingo” VX deck. It’s a good-looking design, to be sure. The flamingo artwork is impressive, and definitely distinct. To hear McCoy talk about it, though, is to see things in a whole new light. McCoy chose that imagery to honor the legacy of his mother. We’ll let him tell that story himself, though, and you can watch him do that above.

Admittedly nothing in the Dose merch shop has as sentimental a story as McCoy’s “Flamingo” deck, but we still there we have some cool stuff.

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