MACBA Famous Ledge has Been Renovated

Thanks to MACBA Life and a handful of skaters

MACBA in Barcelona is one of the iconic skate spots in the world. It’s a place that many skaters visit just to pay homage to a locale that hundreds of skateboarders have hit up. The spot is so famous that there’s an entire group, MACBA Life, dedicated to the Barcelona skating hotspot. They film videos there all the time, but that’s not all. MACBA Life makes efforts to keep the MACBA up to skating standards, which is clear in their new video.

This comes after a 2019 attempt to ban skating in the city of Barcelona, which thankfully didn’t take. However, all the skating that takes place at MACBA takes its toll. MACBA Life has been out there trying to make sure that the spot is kept clean from littering, but now they’ve taken things up another notch. The group recently worked to renovate the iconic ledge at the spot that so many have skated. It wasn’t merely a cleanup job. They legitimately fixed to up to make it better for skating. You can check out the video above, which features several notable skaters and some awesome folks who are out there keeping our favorite skating spots in prime shape.

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