Magenta Skateboards Heads Down to Australia

Check out the action Down Under

Skateboarding has never felt more global. People from all over the country have gathered in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics, a truly global event if there ever was one. We’re always sharing videos from the United States, and when we can shout out Germany’s skateboarding stars we happily do it. There’s more globalization going on in skating, though. Magenta Skateboards, a French company, recently released a video shot in the environs of Melbourne, Australia. 

Plant in the Desert was filled while Melbourne was dealing with lockdowns, but that didn’t keep Magenta from managing to put together a skate video. Filmed by Josh Roberts, the focus is on Magenta skaters Casey Foley and Morgan Campbell. However, Plant in the Desert also features some of the rest of their crew, including Izaak Ashley, Phil Marshall, Louie Dodd, and more. Escargot meets shrimp on the barbie in the video above.

Magenta is one of the foremost French skate companies. Take a look at what they have for sale.

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