L7NNON & Gustavo Ribeiro Battle Royale For Switch Flips At Famous Brazil Spot

Presented by Leticia Bufoni and Zion Wright

In this special episode of Chris Cole’s Battle Royale, The ‘Red Bull Skateboarding Conquest’ was going down in Rio, and while that was happening, Leticia Bufoni, Zion Wright, Gustavo Ribeiro and L7nnon headed off on a side quest before arriving at the course. Their mission was to go to the famous street bench located somewhere in the center of Rio and to see L7nnon and Gustavo battle it out for a Switch flip over the bench.



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Both ended up victorious, and they even ended up with a clip getting it back-to-back along with some other trick variations, it kind of turned into a full-on session and as well as many other things, Gustavo Riberio managed to pull off a perfect nollie tre over it!


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