Kilian Martin Travels to Myanmar With His Board

And he gives us a fascinating look at the world

Kilian Martin’s skating videos are a little different than most. He and his filmer Brett Novak make what are effectively short films that involve skateboarding. They aren’t exactly like some skater hitting a few rails at a skatepark for a truck company (though those videos are also awesome). Martin makes videos akin to travel shows sometimes, almost like an Anthony Bourdain of the board. Before travel was restricted, Martin and Novak headed to Myanmar (aka Burma) to shoot a short called Dance of the Trees. Unfortunately, Myanmar is a country often in turmoil, including recently, due to the actions of the government which has a history of oppressing its people. These are fraught times in Myanmar, but in Dance of the Trees you can see some of that alongside Martin and his skateboard. Some of the locals even get a chance to give Martin’s board a try. Check out Dance of the Trees right here. It’s unlike most skate videos we’ve ever seen.

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