‘Karma’ OJ Wheels Part With Max Peterson

Squeezes every drop of the OJ

Max Peterson, the talented amateur skateboarder affiliated with OJ Wheels, is ready to blow your mind with his jaw-dropping tricks that will leave you in wanting more. At the age of 24, Peterson has taken skateboarding to a whole new level with his singular style and flawless execution.



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From conquering towering ramps to grinding on handrails, Peterson's moves are precision and finesse. His control and balance will leave you wondering how he continues to push his own limits. Watching Peterson in action shows his dedication and talent.

Max Peterson is a name you won't want to miss in the future. He's inspiring skateboarders around the world to push their boundaries and embrace their own styles. With gnarly tricks, Peterson is making a name for himself within the skateboarding community. Get ready for an exciting ride filled with adrenaline and tricks that will leave you impressed. Max Peterson is taking skateboarding to new heights, and you don't want to miss out on the action he brings to the table.


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