Julian Restrepo Stars in the Latest Thunder Trucks Edit

We’re thunderstruck by his skills

Thunder Trucks have a commanding name, but fortunately they have some skaters on the team that can live up to that. One of them is Julian Restrepo. Restrepo is the centerpiece of the latest Know Future video from the trucks company. The edit is a quick one, but is packed with a ton of awesome spots that make sure no moment is wasted.

We aren’t sure if Restrepo shot this video in his native Fontana, California, but wherever he is he definitely knows all the places to hit up to show off his skills. He also seemed to skate by a high school at some point, so we probably could have done some research based off that. Ah, but is that what really matters here? No, what matters is that Restrepo nails some wild tricks and shows no fear of any staircase. The fonts used in Know Future are pretty aggro at times, but Restrepo earns it all. See him in action for Thunder Trucks in the video above.

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