Jordyn Barratt Discusses an Olympic Dream Delayed

And other topics from the skater’s life

This was supposed to be a massive summer for skateboarding. Right now, the Olympics in Tokyo would be showcasing skating for the first time. There would be medals handing out and history would have been made. Now, all that history has to wait until next summer. Skaters who had been gearing up for this being the biggest year of their lives are, like all of us, largely sitting around waiting for some normalcy to return. One of those skaters is Jordyn Barratt, who is the focal point of the latest Aimless video from the Dew Tour.

The name “Aimless” really says a lot about the moment. Barratt discusses being from Hawaii and her life in California, but the real meat of the conversation here is about being an Olympic hopeful with no Olympics to compete in. It’s a strange time to be a skater, and preparing for the Olympics, which have been postponed to 2021, still has plenty of hurdles. Hopefully this time next year Barratt and company will be in Tokyo, showing the world all that skateboarding has to offer. For now, enjoy Barratt’s conversation with the Dew Tour above.

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