Jiro Platt Will Teach You Front Feebles

All you have to do is watch this video

If you are a longtime Dose reader, you may remember when we interviewed Jiro Platt. It was one of the first things we did when we launched the site, and it was a real treat to talk to the up-and-coming New York skater. Since then, Platt’s stock has only risen, but he hasn’t gotten too big for us yet. Thanks to the New York filming crew over at Extracrispy, we have a new video for you that features Platt, and it’s educational to boot.

OK, so Platt may not be teaching you state capitals or the quadratic formula. You’ll have to settle for learning some skate lessons. Specifically, the video is called Learn Front Feebles with Jiro Platt. Are you familiar with that trick? Have you tried it before but just couldn’t nail it? Well, let Platt drop some knowledge on you. He certainly knows his way around a front feeble, and fortunately, he’s not playing coy. Extra crispy also shot at a skatepark with a pretty classic New York vibe, which just adds to the fun. Thanks to Platt and Extracrispy for the video, and you’ll be thanking them too once you nail your first front feeble. Check out the video on the Dose channel, and then maybe check out some of our past videos for a little extra fun on a Monday.

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