James Capps and Jordan Trahan Get First Chocolate Edit

The new pros debut in style

Chocolate Skateboards (which is a company name, not skateboards actually made of chocolate) just turned James Capps and Jordan Trahan pro. They decided to let the duo debut as professional skaters in style as well. In the brand’s latest Chunk of Chocolate video, Capps and Trahan were sent down to Costa Rica to see what the Central American country has to offer. For the big occasion, the two were joined by Carl Aikens, Erik Herrera, Vincent Alvarez, and Kenny Anderson. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a lot of tourist spots, but what kind of country is it for skaters? It’s cool that Capps and Trahan got to both turn two and get something akin to a tropical vacation in one fell swoop. Check out this Chunk of Chocolate above.

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