Independent Trucks: Best Of 2022!

Independent have released over 2 hours of nothing but bangas!

This beast was released via their YouTube page, and the video was edited by Cody Long.
It consists of a mash-up of the best of the best videos from 2022 shot by Independent, which features; Grant Taylor, Salba, Jake Yanko & many more!!

Kicking off with flashbacks from the ‘Rip Ride Rally’ contest in Philly, where you can see what madness went down, it was especially nice to see BTurner out there pulling out some of his legendary, switch heel-toe magic. The switch Benihanas will forever be mind-boggling!

Then we are introduced to the most fucked up vert wall ever! Footage of people slamming on his thing was circulating on Instagram during and shortly after the contest, along with the crazy drop in attempts. But now we get to see what the front-row seats were like from Independent. And there’s so much more that went down that we didn't get to see on the gram.

There is ‘The Gnarliest Pool Skaters’ interview with Salba, where he talks about the pipeline skatepark and its history, where he ended up sustaining a bad injury at that very spot, then the story of the spot's discovery is shared with us of how the pipeline was found by accident by someone taking an acid infused stroll through the ditches around the area of pipeline skatepark back in the late ’60s, the early ’70s.

Before a bunch of street skating, we join the crew in preparing the contest one day before the ‘Smoke ‘em Or Bust Tick Ditch Death Race Invitational,’ followed by a healthy mix of street skating and more Rip Ride Rally mayhem!


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