HUF Unveils Their 2021 Spring Lookbook

And they are going retro this year

‘Tis the season for new spring collections. We’ve been talking about Palace’s spring collection for 2021 a bit recently, but they aren’t the only ones who have some fresh apparel on the way. HUF Worldwide has now announced their 2021 collection for the spring as well, and they’ve done it with a lookbook. This year’s collection is decidedly retro, taking us back to around the turn of the millennium. You know, back when we weren’t watching skate videos online. There is a recurring compact disc motif in HUF’s collection, and that’s just one aspect of this eclectic collection being offered up. You can check out something of a video lookbook for HUF right here, the kind of thing that couldn’t be done back in the day.

If you end up wanting to buy something from HUF’s 2021 spring collection, or any of their apparel, you can visit their website and do just that.

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