A Fall For Feminism

How the lack of female representation within skate culture has generated universal fear in girls

Beneath the surface of a skatepark lies an inherent and unspoken boys club culture. Whilst the incontestable male-dominated presence within these sectors is not a reflection of any one person, its effect on female skaters is generational. 

Whilst always remaining vastly interested in skate culture and its own influence on my personal style, my relationship with a skateboard never tethered further than mere transportation. It wasn't until I was involuntarily thrusted into the unnerving environment of my local skatepark that my perceptions of male skaters and the surrounding culture were irrevocably shifted. 

After disclosing how I and a myriad of other girls often feel uncomfortable and intimidated by the lack of female representation manifesting within these sub-spheres, to my utmost surprise I was met with agreeance and solidarity from the male skaters I encountered. They all would explain their embracement for anyone willing to give it a go and said they are usually just focused on learning new tricks and meeting new people. The unexpected responses I received made me wonder if my fears were perhaps a culmination of unreasonable doubt sensationalized by my own consumption of male-oriented media. 

Although my own fears were satiated momentarily, I soon realized the only way I can contribute to the erasure of the stigma surrounding female skaters is if I gave it a go myself. After familiarising myself with other girl skaters and female-fronted collectives I found on social media, I felt empowered and supported by a community I never knew existed. 

It wasn't long before I came flying off my board, but much to my dismay no one laughed at me or to be quite honest, cared. Now when I go skating I realize it's much more than a hobby, but rather defiance of convention, so when I fall off my board, I just get back up again.

Preview image: Ostos Campo @tutifruti.sk8


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