How The Concave Shapes Your Skateboarding

Skateboard concave decoded

So you're new to skateboarding, and you're like, what the heck is concave and why should I care? Concave is how the deck curves from side to side, and it makes a big difference in how the board feels and rides. There are different kinds of concave, like radial, progressive, flat, and W-concave. Each one has its pros and cons, depending on what you like and how you skate.

Concave helps you control the board better, especially when you're doing tricks. It gives you more leverage and grip, and it makes the board more snappy. Concave also makes the deck stronger and stiffer, which can keep it from breaking or cracking. But too much concave can also suck, because it can make the board uncomfortable or hard to balance on. It can also mess up your pop or how high you can ollie.

The best way to figure out what concave works for you is to try different boards and see how they feel. You might dig a mellow concave that is smooth and easy to ride, or a deep concave that gives you more power and stability. You might also like a mix of different concaves, like a flat center with curved edges, or a W-shape that adds extra grip in the middle. Whatever you choose, remember that concave is not the only thing that matters for your skateboarding. You also have to think about the shape, size, width, and material of your deck, as well as your trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware.

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