Homeboy Checks in From Around the Globe

It’s always good to hear from your homies

Do you have friends that live in other areas of your country, or even in other countries? Hey, we can relate, and so can the crew over at Homeboy. They have skaters all over Europe, and even on other continents. Some of the team is as far away from Homeboy Home Base as Brazil. That’s why they’ve decided to write us a letter, or rather due the modern skateboarding equivalent. A Letter From Your Homies is a video designed to let the team’s skaters check in with each other, but also for them to check in with us. There are skaters in Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Vienna, and Sao Paulo. Here at Dose, we’re happy to see Berlin get in on the action, not to mention all the German skaters in the video. Thanks for the “letter,” Homeboy! Consider this our way of writing back. Watch the above.

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