HappyxLoco, The Epitome Of Creativity

Serving looks to the skate community

When scrolling through the HappyxLoco (HXL) Insta, you are instantly met with flashes of color and clips of skaters in wavey fits. It becomes clear quite quickly that this small brand has a big impact on its community. Serving pastel looks teamed up with neon graffiti over hoodies and pants, HXL has set up a unique space for itself in the skate world AND WE LOVE IT.


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Not only is HappyxLoco skater owned, but founder Jeremy Salazar seems to hold sustainability at the forefront of the project. With pieces such as the ‘Nowhere 2 Go Except Planet Earth” denim vest made from a Uhaul moving blanket and the “There Is No Planet B” sweater (which both feature the HappyxLoco signature smiley logo), HXL is making strong statements about the current climate crisis and recycling/repurposing otherwise redundant material. Now that’s an ethos we can get behind!! 

You can shop many one-off and collection pieces on the HappyxLoco Depop page.


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