Get Your DIY on with Independent Trucks

You could build your curb (or just enjoy watching Sam Hitz skate)

If you are the handy sort, there are ways you can bring your affinity for doing it yourself to your skateboarding. Now, maybe you envision a mini ramp or something of that ilk, but have you ever considered putting together a curb? If that feels daunting, maybe this video from Independent Trucks will change your mind.

Sam Hitz gets to building for Indy trucks and puts together a double-sided curb. It is, as the title of the video indicates, built to grind, and the curb is indeed put through its paces after Hitz’s build is complete. Now, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey, there are curbs all around me.” OK, but are they double-sided? And also in a place that is convenient? Even if you aren’t about to build your own curb, it’s still cool to see the process in action!

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