Gang International Takes on Milan in New Venture Video

The Milano Centrale has never been skated this hard

Milan, Italy is known for fashion, but the most-stylish thing to happen in the city recently may be this edit from Venture. For the video Moretti Made Me Do It, Venture got the Gang International crew to Milan to hit up the Milano Centrale plaza. There are many plazas and public spaces across the globe that draw skaters to them, though Milano Centrale doesn’t feel too worn out just yet. The Gang International team definitely gave it a workout, though. Led by Bobby Worrest, a guy who knows a thing or two about putting a plaza through its paces, skaters such as Mike Nalls and Jason Sinnawi tore it up in Italy. Also making an appearance is Jeremy Knott, who also happened to edit and film the video. Give it a watch right here. It’s the fashionable thing to do.

If you need some new trucks, Venture has you covered.

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