Franky Villani Drops New Part for Primitive

He’s all over the city

For a little while, Primitive Skateboarding, the company founded by Paul Rodriguez and Heath Brinkley, has been focused on “Behind the Missions” videos taking us back to old parts and talking through filming them. That’s all well and good, but if you have been hankering for a fresh video from Primitive’s impressive team of skaters, you’re in luck. The latest episode of their Define series is letting Franky Villani stretch his legs.



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While there is no information on this video other than the five folks who filmed it, but it’s called “Unmastered” and is almost 21 minutes long, so the overall feeling is something a little rawer, and you will see Villani hit the ground a couple times. Hey, it’s part of the process, as any skater knows. 


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