Forward Living DIY Got Through the Winter With Friends

Don’t let the snow keep you from skating

Now that a lot of places in the Northern Hemisphere are exchanging winter for spring, we don’t mind seeing some videos that were shot over the cold months. In the United States, few places get colder than Wisconsin. However, that didn’t deter a group of skaters from joining together at an indoor skate spot during the frigid months. Marbie Miller from Krux put together a video for Forward Living DIY called Do It With Friends that shows how your skater pals can get you through the cool parts of the year. Miller filmed the video from November through March, covering the extent of winter in the Badger State, and got a bunch of skaters together to show that, with a little ingenuity, you can still skate even when the temperature drops. You can watch Do It With Friends right here, either alone or with some friends of your own.

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