Flip Skateboards “Unleashes” Cory Juneau

The streets aren’t safe from his skills

Back in 2019, when skateboarding competitions were a thing (some day they will be again!) Cory Juneau made a name for himself by winning the Vans Park Series. He was so laid back it barely seemed like he was trying, but that’s just the smoothness of his skating. What has Juneau been up to since then? He’s been working on his skills, naturally, and he’s now a member of the Flip Skateboards team. Now he’s featured in the new Flip video Cory Juneau UNLEASHED. The all-caps “unleashed” may call to mind a wild animal being let out of a cage, but that’s just not Juneau’s style. He seems to never break a sweat, whether he’s in a completion or skating down the street and nailing killer tricks. Flip out over Juneau’s new part right here.

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