Elijah Akerley Speeds Through the Streets for OJ Wheels

Blink and you might miss him

OJ Wheels hasn't put out Cruisin’ episodes for a while. Given that, it’s a bold claim that OJ calls its latest edition the “Fastest Cruisin Out” video of them all. The man behind that speed? That would be Elijah Akerley. The skater takes on the San Francisco area, which is a great place for skaters. Well, at least if you can handle hills and all sorts of other spots. Do you know the kind of speed you can get on a board bombing down a big Bay Area hill? Akerley knows, and he’s got no fear of that kind of velocity. You might say that he has the need for speed. If you’ve got the need to see him in action for OJ Wheels, you can do that in the video above.

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