Dew Tour Spends a Chill Day with Allysha Le

Skate, drink coffee, enjoy life

Dew Tour’s series Aimless sees them spending a day with a skater of note. Usually it’s kind of a “day off” sort of thing, but when you watch one of these videos it becomes clear that the top skaters out there are rarely truly aimless. That’s the case with Allysha Le. Le has been living in Oceanside, California for a few years, and she spends a day with Dew Tour taking them to some of her favorite spots. They get coffee, peruse some manga, and more. Oh, and she skates of course. Le is working on expanding her skateboarding horizons and doing more street skating. Doesn’t sound all that “aimless” to us. Spend a part of your day with Dew Tour and Le right here.

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