DEFINE Unmastered

Meet Wade Desarmo

Step into Wade Desarmo's world, where perfectionism meets master craftsmanship and smooth moves. His DEFINE part is an opus of dedication, with blood, sweat, and tears infused into every trick. While most skaters would be satisfied with landing a trick once, Wade is on another level, repeating them until they reach absolute perfection.


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It's not just about the tricks themselves, but the euphoric feeling of achieving what he envisions. Wade understands that true satisfaction in skating is a constant chase, but he's unyielding in his pursuit of excellence.

And in DEFINE, he nails it. The video showcases the incredible work of Jordan Moss, Alex Kissinger, Eric Iwakura, Tomas Morrison, and Alan Hannon, capturing every awe-inspiring moment of Wade's journey. Witness Wade Desarmo's 'Unmastered' DEFINE part, where the fusion of passion and artistry creates an extraordinary skateboarding experience.

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