Creature Skateboards Go to the Dogs

Creature Skateboards Go to the Dogs Specifically, Dylan Goldberger’s Bridge Dawgz Series

Creature cares about the look of its decks, and they also care about the people responsible for them. That’s why they’ve put out a video to shout out Dylan Goldberger. Goldberger is the New York City-based artist behind the brand’s Bridge Dawgz Pro Series. In the video, he shows us the space where he does his work and creates his distinct artwork. Oh, and he’s also a skater as well. Cool graphics? Check. A bit of skateboarding? Check. Ah, but does the man behind the Bridge Dawgz bring any actual dogs to the table? We’re happy to report that, yes, you can enjoy some actual canines in this video as well. After all, we’re pretty sure they say dogs are skaters’ best friend. Watch the video above.

When you are walking your dog in the crisp fall air wouldn’t it be nice to have a Dose hoodie to wear?

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