Creature Follows Sota Tomikawa to the Skatepark

What’s lurking ahead in this video?

It’s time for another Creature Feature! Creature Skateboards, that is. We aren’t sure what the title “Lurk Patrol” is all about, but it keeps with the spooky vibes that Creature likes to put out there. Whatever Creature is doing, the important thing is that they are showcasing Sota Tomikawa, and that’s not a bad thing. The skater from Japan is in California, crossing the Pacific to try out some American skate spots. Tomikawa is at Highland Park in the Golden State. The park seems pretty bare bones (not in a bad way), and the video doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It’s just a dude who knows how to skate taking care of business at a skatepark. In a way, what could be better than that? Enjoy the video above.

As the Halloween season approaches, it feels extra fitting to visit the Creature website and maybe buy a board or some merch.

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