Creature Brings Us More of Milton Martinez’s X Games Run

See how he won gold

In this year of the Tokyo Olympics and the debut of skateboarding as an event in that world, maybe the X Games got overlooked a bit this year. Let’s not let that continue to be the case. Back when the 2021 X Games happened, Milton Martinez took home the gold medal in the Real Street competition. In fact, on top of that he also won the fan favorite award. That’s like when a movie makes a ton of money but also wins Best Picture. How did Martinez do it? Creature Skateboards has the answers. They have released the extended cut of Martinez’s session that won him that Real Street gold. All the great tricks are there, of course, but so are the bails and flubs. Hey, it all led up to that shiny gold medal. Watch Martinez’s extended run thank to Creature above.

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