Turning Ollies into Oil: Christopher Kadetzki is Painting The Streets

Meet the Berlin artist making oil paintings out of tricks

It undoubtedly takes skill to capture a good-looking, stylish, and even 'usable' shot. However, when it comes to capturing a still image of the freeform movement of skateboarding, it's a skill that not just anyone holding a camera (or paintbrush, for this matter) possesses; there are absolutely shit tons of different approaches, styles, angles, and techniques to be explored. As important as timing is, it isn't everything.

Born on 07.01.1990 in Frankfurt Oder, Germany, Christopher Kadetzki throws painting into the mix of it all on a whole different level.
Unlike other painters, Christopher did not discover his passion for painting via the academic business but on the path of craft apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. Through the intensive study of color theory and other technical aspects of painting during his experiences as a craftsman, he finally found access to pleinair-painting.

Christopher Kadetzki 
Photo by: Gerrit Piechowski

From landscape painting, he was increasingly drawn to urban motifs, and conversations with individuals in the city became an essential element of his creative process, as their stories and emotions began to appear in his work and became a part of his everyday life. As a result, his paintings are not just basic oil paintings slapped onto a canvas and signed off; they express his perceptions of the moment, the people, their history, and the activities surrounding him as he paints.

Denny Pham & Friends
Sw. Frontside Heelflip

Every piece of work from Kadetzki is outstanding, to say the very least. You don't need me to shed light and explain the attention to detail because his work speaks for itself!

But the main focus on his talents here will be the immense paintings created of skaters mid-trick.

Kadetzki can bring his work to life by making an oil painting from the trick you just threw down! Whether it be a trick on a stair set, a ledge, a big gap, or maybe just a simple, fast push in an aesthetically pleasing environment, Kadetzki's got you covered!

There are many different techniques that Christopher uses to his advantage when it comes to painting someone mid-trick. I was extremely honored to witness this firsthand and be a part of his work, where he painted me doing the trick down the eight stair at the Polish memorial in July this year. Now, as grateful as I am for all the photos that have ever been taken of me skateboarding, I am incredibly thankful for this one purely because of how it transformed into a whole new image and the significant amount of time and effort that was put into it.

Danny Brown. Frontside Kickflip

The photo used for this one is by far my favorite! It also holds a sentimental value because of how personal it felt to have someone take so much time and thought throughout, then after landing that trick you really wanted. It's not just an image you can repost, print, or save to your hard drive… But an actual painting! It's OG, and there is only one! I don't know; that just feels so sick!

I would struggle to write down something as simple as just a phone number when there's so much happening around me at once; so many others, myself included, are amazed at how Christopher manages to create such flawless and detailed work and, at the same time being in environments such as propped up in the middle of the Berghain line having everyone question what you're doing or asking that you add extra things into your unfinished painting, or being in the middle of CPH Open where its total chaos! With boards and beer cans flying left, right and center yet being able to stay entirely focused on your work while, at the same time, conversing with anyone up for a chat.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Nicky Guerrero (Left), Kadetzki (Middle), Rune Glifberg (Right)

Justus Koch. Frontside Lipslide

Skatehalle Training Session

Justus Koch. Heelflip

Michael Mackrodt at ICC

Jake Phelps

Berghain Line

The images shown above are from his collection and can be found on his social media page. If you want to keep up to date with Christopher, you can find him on Instagram, where he frequently uploads new content as he continues to kill it!

Check out Christopher's website and give him a follow on Instagram.

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