Chris Colbourn and David Gravette Go on an Excellent Adventure for Independent

They bring the sunshine to the Pacific Northwest

A lot of skate videos are all killer and no filler, tightly edited to give you the big tricks and nothing else. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing the hits. Some people are busy. On occasion, though, it’s nice to watch a skate video that’s a little shaggier. For that, we have this new video from Independent. They sent the duo of Chris Colbourn and David Gravette to the Pacific Northwest and the result is 21 minutes of goofy fun. With some stellar skateboarding included, of course.

Colbourn and Gravette visit a few different spots in the Pacific Northwest. Some of them are noted skateparks, including one you will recognize if you’ve ever played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Other times they are just grinding some random handrail in the park. It’s all good when you have guys like Colbourn and Gravette doing it. The video also takes time off from the skating to show some silly moments and for some fun. It’s almost like a sitcom episode starring two buddies skating. We can get behind that. If you don’t mind your skate videos a little loose, check out Independent’s latest video above.

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