Check Out Vans’ European Team Visiting Morocco

It’s an all-star crew taking a trip to Africa

Vans has skate teams all across the globe, and with good reason. They are giants in skateboarding, and it’s probably an honor to get tabbed for the Vans crew. Recently, the Vans team based in Europe decided to stretch their legs and see some sights. In fact, they crossed the Mediterranean to hit up North Africa’s Morocco. Did they bring their boards? You’d better believe it!

The video, called Kingdom for a Cooler, follows the Vans Europe team as they travel Morocco and skate its cool, unexpected spots. We don’t see a lot of skate videos in Morocco, so a lot of these spots are fresh to us, and probably fresh to the team. Not that they are daunted. There’s probably like a dozen skaters in this video, but honestly, we were too busy enjoying it to count them while they were doing their tricks. Travel isn’t happening a ton these days, but we can live vicariously through Kingdom for a Cooler thanks to the Vans team. If you’ve never been to Morocco, or you just love skate videos, there’s fun to be had in this video.

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