Check Out the Recap of the Sun Diego Am Slam Finale

Less sun than usual, more fun than ever

This year marked the return of Sun Diego’s Am Slam Surf and Skate event. Boards for the water and boards with wheels both take center stage in Mission Beach down in San Diego, hence the name “Sun Diego.” Although, in 2021 that name felt like a bit of a misnomer at times. Unlike Philadelphia, it is not always sunny in San Diego, as there was rain looming over the event. However, given that it had been roughly two years since the last Am Slam Surf and Skate, people weren’t going to complain too much. Plus, Sun Diego pulled out all the stops, including a school bus decked out with three different obstacles. How came up big in the skating events? You can watch the recap video and get the scoop on everything that went down. 

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