Check Out the Raw Footage of Bronson’s Trip Through the South

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Bronson Speed Co. have a bigger name than a lot of bearings companies. Frankly, it almost feels weird that something as simple as bearings could get this much publicity, but as any skater knows you want bearings you can count on. Bronson has a lot of riders on their team, and some of them went on the brand’s first-ever road trip a little while back. Shotgunning Through the South saw skaters like Dakota Servold, Blake Carpenter, and Dylan Witkin in action across the Southeastern United State, a land of humidity, gators, and some great skating action. Bronson has now dropped 20 minutes of raw footage on us from the tour. It’s a lot to chew on, but it’s as sweet as a Georgia Peach. Dig in right here.

Bronson Speed Co. is offering up the goods on the bearings front on their website if you are in the market.

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