Check Out the Highlights of Axion’s First “Second Sunday” Event

The footwear company is giving back to the LA skate scene

So far, Axion’s relaunch is going swimmingly. Their footwear drops sell out like particularly popular hotcakes, and now they are getting themselves involved in the skate scene even more. Axion has started a new LA-based even series called “Second Sundays.” For the first of these events, they hit up Koreatown’s J-Kwon – a spot you have seen in many skate videos – and brought quite the crew for the session. We’re talking Kareem Campbell, Ke’chaud Johnson, Mikey Jones, Anderson Pereira, Nick Tucker, and Derrick Wilson. Axion has provided us with some of the highlights from the first “Second Sunday,” and you can catch them right here. The next one is scheduled for April 11, once again at J-Kwon. Check it out if you are in the LA area, but be sure you are being safe about your health, as well as the health of others. Get vaccinated when you can!

If you are looking for some new skate shoes, Axion has some offers that could entice.

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