Check Out the First Edit From Miles Griptape

New company, new team killing it

There’s a new name in the griptape game. Well, sort of. Miles is indeed a new griptape brand, but you might know the guy at the head of the company. Miles is led by Eric Koston, one of the biggest names in skateboarding over the years (and an O.G. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater character). Koston’s name recognition gives him some cache, and he knows a thing or two about griptape after all this time. To try and promote the new company, Miles has put out their first team edit. Yes, they already have a team. Hey, who doesn’t want to skate with Koston? The edit features skaters Mike Anderson, Louie Lopez, and Rowan Zorilla. What really matters for a griptape company is, you know, the quality of the griptape, but at least Miles knows how to put together an edit. Watch it above.

Want to try Miles griptape for yourself? Visit their website and think about placing an order.

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